Handcrafted luxury jewellery to unleash your light

Scarab Rouge is well known & respected for designing and creating exquisite luxury jewellery with you in mind. Whether designing for you or a loved one, Aida picks up on those undefinable elements, which are then translated into the design.


Concepts are transformed into hand sketches after approval of the design brief and once approved, Aida sources the highest quality raw materials including diamonds and precious gems for you to select from. Overseeing every element of production, Aida and her world class team of crafts people work to deliver an exceptional, one of a kind handcrafted piece.


All Scarab Rouge pieces are original and are stamped with the Hallmark of the Scarab. We provide a GIA Certificate for all diamonds over 0.3 carats. Scarab Rouge is a Q Report certified jeweller, facilitating global insurance that gives you the confidence to wear your precious jewellery everywhere, anytime.


The result is an exquisitely luxurious one of a kind piece that will make your eyes sparkle and your heart sing.

Handcrafted jewelry


The ultimate in Handcrafting

Aida has handpicked a team of professional Australian craftspeople with over 150 years’ combined experience. They are the best hands, eyes and skill in the business. Aida oversees every element of the creation process, hand delivering the finished pieces to delighted clients.

With an unparalleled individual service, expertise and attention to detail, Scarab Rouge works to your timeline and budget and will redefine your experience of custom designed jewellery & exceed every expectation.


Being Green

Scarab Rouge is proud of being ecologically mindful through every element of the business.


We are committed to the ethical sourcing of materials and all of our stunning diamonds are certified to be conflict free. All of our jewellery and luxury Leather Goods are Australian made to support the local industry, and we have proudly partnered with Greenfleet to give back to the earth by planting thousands of Australian native trees.

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